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Corporate Outplacement Services

The confidence to size your workforce appropriately

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Every separated employee receives our renowned 1-on-1
job search service.

Chessmen corporate outplacement services help employers and their workers navigate difficult terminations and layoffs. Our guidance and responsiveness ensure that each separation is handled professionally, with dignity.

Our one-on-one attention to each separated individual means employers can act with confidence to remain flexible in their staffing decisions. Separated employees receive our full attention until they accept a position of their own choosing. Knowing this helps employers overcome the reluctance to terminate unproductive, mismatched or surplus employees when necessary.

Our 25 years of experience and professionalism allows you to:

  • Ensure a smooth transition and minimize the chance of litigation.
  • Keep separated individuals focused on their future.
  • Honor the contributions of the employee’s tenure.
  • Ease the stress level of managers overseeing layoffs.
  • Bolster the morale of your remaining workforce.
  • Fulfill your role as a good corporate citizen, reducing the impact of layoffs on your community.

Corporate outplacement services address your needs as an employer AND the needs of everyone involved:

  • Coaching for managers and HR professionals
  • Career counseling workshops
  • 1-on-1 job search consulting: résumé writing, networking guidance, individual placement strategy
  • Partner relocation
  • Job search assistance for Hourly or Salaried Workers

Flexibility. Confidence. Dignity. That’s the Chessmen way!

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